Warehouse 31 Unleashed

General Admission: $25 | General Admission + Fast Pass: $35

warehouse 31 unleashed

The Largest Haunt in North East Florida, opening September 25th 2015. Prepare yourself to experience the most terrifying and innovative themes of 2015!!!

Here’s a few facts:
– Largest indoor haunted house in North Florida
– Been reviewed by several national haunt reviewers
– We House over 100 actors per night that deliver the most intimate haunt experience ever!


Q: Will I be touched?
A: The actors will not touch you. However, they do get very close. Occasionally, you may brush up against their costumes or
props. You may also come in contact with some of the sets, as well as experience water, fog, intense lighting and scents.

Q: What if I get too scared to continue through the haunted house?
A: There are emergency exits located throughout the attraction. If you are too scared to continue through, inform one of the
actors and they will escort you out. You will be given a coupon for $2 off an adult diaper upon your exit.

Q: Can I bring my child?
A: Due to gory content, we don’t recommend any person under the age of 13. Although we don’t advise it, children may enter
the attraction if accompanied by a parent at all times. For your safety and ours, you are NOT allowed to carry them through
the attraction.

Q: Do I get a refund if I am too scared to finish?
A: No. You paid us to scare you and obviously it worked!

Q: Is the attraction open if it rains?
A: Yes


PHONE: (904) 687-4747

WHERE: 225 West Davis Industrial Dr., St Augustine, FL

HOURS: Thursday & Sunday 7pm-11pm / Friday & Saturday 7pm-12am