Top 10 Celebrity Cribs

Will Smith

Top 10 Celebrity Cribs

First up: Clint Eastwood, and his 15,000 square foot masterpiece

One of the most famous actors to have ever graced the big screen, he made his name in a totally different era, but that detracts none from his status as a legend. Clint Eastwood is a true acting and directing icon, and has a net worth of $375 million. His mansion was custom made, costing a staggering $20 million.

2. Jack Nicholson – Star of critically acclaimed moves such as The Shining and 3rd most Oscar nominated (winning 3), Nicholson is a titan of Hollywood, known by all and loved by some. Although he’s become reclusive in recent years, his California home was known to be one of the wildest party locations in the 1980s.
He purchased the ranch style home in 1977, and it’s reportedly worth over $4 million today. The California property sits on 28 acres, and features an incredible 2,313 square feet of living space. Inside the home is quite modest with only 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. Outside is where stuff gets really impressive.

Firstly, the views from everywhere on the property are incredible – but especially from the balcony seen in the picture above.

Views include both the ocean and surrounding hills. Outside, there’s an in ground pool, a grotto-style spa, and a cabana. The property also features a putting green, and a tennis court – the real gentlemens sports

3. TomHanks – I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that Tom Hanks is one of the most well known and successful actors of all time. With movies such as Forrest Gump, Philadelphia, and Saving Private Ryan, he’s certainly earned every bit of his $350 million net worth

Hanks owns several California properties, unsurprisingly. But for the largest (and presumably his man home), he handed over $26 million in 2010 – at 14,500 square feet it’s one of the largest living spaces on our humble list. Located in the fancy Riviera neighborhood, the amazing home has only 4 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms. There’s also a pool and sweeping lawns which both look to have incredible views.

He also owns at least another 3 California houses, each with a handful of beds and baths, and each worth a few million – pocket change for a man of this stature. It’s also said that he owns a ski house in Colorado, and a New York City condo. Why does he need so many houses? Well, when you’re worth $350 million, why not?

4. Leonardo DiCaprio – DiCaprio started off his acting career pretty modestly with commercials and television appearances. He was relatively unknown until the 1990s when his popularity exploded thanks to a brilliant performance in Titanic (the second highest grossing film of all time). Since then he’s massed a net worth of $245 million, and has been nominated for 10 Golden Globes and 5 Academy awards.

The man has more houses than a property auctioneer, and it’s pretty damn hard to keep track of him – he owns several properties in California and New York. The home pictured above is in Malibu (sooo surprising, right?), and worth a staggering $20 million. Sitting on a hillside 4.4 acre lot with expansive ocean views, this place looks truly incredible to live in.

The Cape Cod-style home was originally built in 1927 and the property actually features 3 buildings – the main house, and two guest houses. There’s a total of seven bedrooms and 6 bathrooms, as well as a modern gym, pool, deck with beach views, hardwood floors throughout, and not one but two large and modern kitchens. Not too shabby, Leo!

5. Brad Pitt – Brad Pitt is in a league of a few select people that could be considered “ultra-famous”. He’s starred in and produced countless movies, and almost everyone has seen at least one which involves him. Aside from this, he’s well known for the beautiful women he’s managed to snag. After a 5 year marriage with Jennifer Aniston, he then went on to marry Angelina Jolie who he met on the set of Mr And Mrs Smith.

Married to Jolie since 2014, they have a combined net worth of $425 million – woah. The pair have loads of houses all over the world, but one property in France stands out above all the rest. The estate, which can be seen in the picture above, is nearly 1000 acres and is worth – wait for it – $70 million. I’ll let that sink in for a second.

The $70 million property (a chateau, to be fancy) sits on the French Riviera and boasts 35 bedrooms, a vineyard, lake, moat, and 20 fountains. This damn place even has it’s own forest. There’s also a few swimming pools, two gyms (one for him, one for her), and an enormous banquet hall. The driveway is 3 miles long. 3 miles! My driveway is like 7 yards long…

6. Tom Cruise – The star of classic Mission Impossible films (as well as many others) and known for choosing to perform is own stunts on film sets, Cruise’s prowess for creating heart stopping action flicks has made him incredibly successful. Conjuring himself up a net worth of a cool $350 million.

He owns many homes – an English property, a home in Colorado, a NYC residence, and many others. His most well known however is in California – yeah, California again, how original. It’s pictured above and as you can see it’s truly immense. It was built in 1937, and cost cruise a mere $35 million.

The Beverly Hills mansion features 7 bedrooms and 9 bathrooms. It has over 10,000 feet of living space, a pool, tennis court, and a 3 car garage – all can be seen in the picture above. Judging by the size of the house, there is most likely also a home theater, and possibly a gym. I mean, what else would he do with all that space?

7. Johnny Depp – It’s hard to say whether Johnny Depp made the Pirates of the Caribbean movies wildly popular, or the other way around. Probably a bit of both. Either way, he’s gone on to star in massively successful films which have generated more than $7.6 billion worldwide – putting his net worth nicely at around $400 million. Depp’s property portfolio is vast, like many others on this list.

He owns several European properties, and of course has a house or two in California. Pictured above is his French chateau, it’s valued at $26 million and, interestingly, is only 25 miles from Brad Pitts impressive French estate mentioned earlier in the list. It spans 37 acres, was purchased in 2001, and has some very interesting features.

The main house has 12 bedrooms and 12 bathrooms, but the whole estate is a small village in itself with more than a dozen buildings. There’s several guest cottages, a chapel, cafe, and a workshop. As well as these buildings made from 200-year-old stone, there’s also acres of olive tree plantations, forested hillsides, a vegetable garden, fountains, and 2 swimming pools – 1 of which has its very own beach bar. There’s also a skateboard park. I wouldn’t have thought of Depp as a skater, would you?

8. Robert DeNiro – Robert Di Niro has been honing is acting skills since he was only a lad, dropping out of school at the age of 16 to begin studying acting full time. He studied at several prestigious studios, and went on to win 2 Oscars (7 nominations). He also owns a few businesses and properties, and his net worth is $150 million

Like many other actors, Di Niro has many homes and properties right across the country. The penthouse pictured above (with the amazing view) is one of his nicest New York City properties, and cost him a mere $2.85 million. Being in NYC, $2.85 million only buys you 2 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms. But that’s not all the West Village apartment has to offer

The best feature about this place has to be the panoramic views of the city and the Hudson river. There’s also high-beamed ceilings (a treasure in NYC), hardwood and slate floors, and incredible master bedroom and – best of all – this NYC penthouse has it’s own bar. Di Niro also reportedly owns an uptown triplex by Central Park worth $20 million

9. Eddie Murphy – Murphy is so much more than just a talented actor, you might know him as a stand-up comedian, writer, singer, director, or musician. The man has several entertaining talents. Indeed, in the 1980s he was hailed as one of the most talented, versatile, and influential comedian actors. Given all this, I would have actually expected him to be worth more than he is – total net work is $85 million.

It’s funny that his net worth is somewhat less than most on this list – because his Beverly Hills property is larger than most others on the list. It looks like a damn hotel. The mansion was bought by Murphy in 1998, has 11,000 square feet of living space, and sits on 2.5 acres of land.

The Sacramento property is located in the gated Los Lagos community. The house comprises of 10 bedrooms, 14 baths, large swimming pool, and a full guest house. Eddie’s place also has some really cool features: a home theater, an arcade, a tennis court, and of course it also has a gym. Sounds like a mans dream house, I’m jealous!

10. Will Smith – Hailing from the tough streets of North Philadelphia, where he was ‘born and raised and spent most of his days’ (or so we’ve been told), Will Smith has come a long way from his humble beginnings. One of Hollywood’s most prolific leading man, Will Smith’s net worth is currently north of $220 million dollars, thanks to big time movies such as Men In Black, I Am Legend, Ali and of course the hit TV-show The Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

And with riches comes options. And Will Smith is certainly a big spender. One of his most priced possessions is his huge 53-foot double decker trailer, called ‘The Heat’. It holds a granite fitted bathroom, a lounge with bar, a full service kitchen and it can hold meetings of up to 30 people.

But Smith’s most pricey possession surely is his lavish Malibu estate, a 25,000 square foot mega mansion that boasts all kinds of luxurious amenities, from a full sized basketball court, horse facilities as well as his own private lake. The price tag of this dream house, a mere $20,000,000.