Interview: 5 minutes with Tug Boatt from Papercutt




We got a chance to spend a few minutes with Tug Boatt the drummer from the band “Papercutt“.  Here is our very secret interview (LOL):

How did you form?

We’re very secretive but here’s what we can tell you….

Back in 2003 our lead guitar player, the Shredder, came to my brother Slyde-On-in & I & said “hey, we should start a glam rock/hair metal band & play all the songs we grew up listening to while we used to play video games at the Ponce Mall Arcade. And shredder being a noodling guitar God, Berkeley trained, w/ the skills to pull off all those crazy solos, we knew we were on to something cool. Our first Singer E.J. was awesome but very much on the wild side. After a couple years he left us to Persue a backyard wrestling career in Seattle.

We then asked the World famous, at least local legend, Thorny Rose to sing for us and he has been our Bruce Dickenson ever since! (Iron Maiden reference) we tour the world w/ fast women & hot cars, crash expensive motorcycles, OD on GNC pre & post workout supplements, all while wearing lipstick, makeup & extreme tight trousers.

Tell us the story of your band name?

We chose the name name Papercutt because we wanted the cheesiest name possible that no one would take seriously. I once overheard people talking at a restaurant next to me saying “have you heard that Band Papercutt? What a stupid name right? Why don’t you just call yourself paperclip with two p’s or something?” As they busted out laughing. And that’s exactly what we wanted!

What should fans expect at Music by the Sea?

Every once in a while we do like to tone things down and play a family friendly show so the kids can come & rock out with us. All of our songs were top 20 radio hits from the 80’s so there’s no curse words. We’re looking forward to music by the sea because it’s always a fun crowd.


Upcoming Dates:

Our next two stops in St. Augur will be sat dec 12 @ Colonial quarter downtown on St. George st. & we’re gonna party likes its 1989 when we headline the New Years Eve Beach blast w/ a fireworks show at the Pier!

I’ve said too much. My manager will be pissed.

Papercutt is:

(Myself) Tug Boatt/drums

Slyde-on-in / bass

Skid mark / rhythm guitar

The Shredder / lead guitar

The illustrious Thorny Rose

Where to find Papercutt Music?

The only way to find our music is on & YouTube.

By St. Augustine Buzz