Creme De La Cocoa


Get your chocolate fix in St. Augustine. Our favorite spot for goodies and desserts. They also have the great distinction of being featured on the Food Network. Take a moment to add a few extra calories to your diet at Creme De La Cocoa.


Friends since the 8th grade, husband and wife, co-visionaries and creators of Crème de la Cocoa. Pastry Chef and Chocolatier Nils takes much pride in his artful creations and has spent years searching for and using the highest quality ingredients. With two strong backgrounds in the hospitality industry, we want to meet you and serve those who are planning their next event or special occasion.

Crème de la Cocoa is a confections company that specializes in beautiful custom cakes, hand-painted original flavored chocolates and desserts with an artistic twist on new and familiar flavors. Our mission is to create and serve you the highest quality desserts in North Florida while nurturing meaningful relationships and forming memorable experiences.

We love sharing our edible art with you in our shop or at your favorite venue. Stop by our location at 300 San Marco Avenue in St. Augustine, FL or give us a call at
904-466-9499 to delight your taste buds.