A perfect date night in St. Augustine

date night in st augustine

There is not a more romantic city than St. Augustine, Fl. If cupid were to be born, it would be in St. Augustine. You are surrounded by romantic places laced in history that offer many options to spend time with your loved one. In fact, you will run out of time before you run out of things to do.

Start with a sunset walk on the beach

There is no better place to start your date night than Vilano Beach sunset watching. As the sun goes down, the spirits of the people rise to create stunning sunsets. Dance with your loved one to the live music coming from the locals. Sample arts and crafts from the local vendors and choose the perfect gift for your date.

Kiss under a love tree

Now that you are off to start your funfilled romantic night, do not let the exuberance of the young night die before visiting one of the love trees in St. Augustine. These love trees are literally inseparable. Wrapped together in beauty, local legend goes that a kiss underneath one of them is a guarantee that your love will last forever. I would recommend the love tree between Upchurch Law Offices and Prosperity Bank. If you have time on your hands, hunt all the seven love trees in St. Augustine and kiss in all of them. Seven is the charm and by the seventh tree, you will be one of the happiest couples in the world.

Eat a romantic dinner

Your next stop should be Harry’s Restaurant on the bayfront for a quiet dinner. Choose a spot where you have the view of the cerulean blue Matanzas Inlet. If you are lucky, you will have the opportunity to see the 72-foot Schooner Freedom ship set sail from City Marina.

A romantic carriage ride through downtown

Spice up the date with a carriage ride through the city. While a carriage ride sounds cliche, it never loses its romantic touch.

A walk down St. George Street

With a full stomach and the romantic juices flowing, you are now ready to take a moonlit walk down St. George St. A bevy of historic buildings and unique shops can keep you interest and open up some great conversation. You may also learn a little history in the process.

A glass of wine and some music at the winery

There is no better way to end a romantic night than with a glass of wine and relaxing to some great music. Visit San Sebastian Winery for the best tasting wine you have ever experienced. If your date does not know how to select wine, this is the best place for you to show off your wine tasting mastery. At the winery, you are shown all the interesting steps of selecting a San Sebastian wine.

Just visiting for the night? Try a romantic stay at Casa Monica

Stay a night at the luxurious Casa Monica Hotel where you enjoy the comfort of being in the same room with James Voleman from Walt Disney’s gallery. Even if you may not want to eat, visit the 1873 Old City House Restaurant to be at the center of yet another historic moment. After more than a hundred years of existence, the hotel still manages to cook delicious cuisines which have kept their customers wanting more. Get a quick nightcap before relaxing in your luxurious accomodations.

As your night comes to an end, you can now relax as you soak yourself in the lifelong memories of a fantastic date in St. Augustine.