80’s Hair Metal Band Papercutt Sept. 2nd



80’s hair metal band Papercutt comes to”Music by the Sea” on September 2nd, 2015

All ages are welcome!

Food starts at 6pm / Music at 7pm

Bring your lawn chair and your vintage band t-shirt!!


Thorny Rose – Screeching Vocals, Skid Mark – taste tester & Rhythm Guitar, The Shredder – Noodling Lead Guitar, SLYDE-ON-IN – Droppin’ the Bass, Tug Boat/Tony Lee – Cowbell & Drums

We might wear lipstick and makeup, but we can totally KICK YOUR ASS!

Since 2003 we’ve been putting on a tribute to our favorite 80’s Hair Metal bands like Poison, Gun N’ Roses, Motley Crue, Bon Jovi ect. We perform with lots of stage lights, strobe lights, and smoke! Your eyes will not leave our skin tight zebra spandex, Aqua Netted hair-do’s, and blazing face makup.

We will rock your socks off with anthems like “We’re not gonna’ take it” & “Come on feel the noise”, but try not to break down in tears when hit you with some power ballads like “Every rose has it’s thorn” & “I’ll be there for you”.

When our Delorian hits 88 MPH get ready to go back to the future, back to the 1980’s with the one and only PAPERCUTT!