5 Minutes with “Go Get Gone”

Interview with Angi Edginton of the band "Go Get Gone"

go get gone

We were able to sit down with Angi from the band “Go Get Gone” before they left for thier midwest tour to support there new album release coming next week!

Tell us a little about how you got started?

Mike and I were on our honeymoon in Saint Augustine, and we stopped in Milltop Tavern to have a beer before our ghost tour. We saw someone playing and we just looked at each other and said, ” Why aren’t we doing this for work”? We had toyed with the idea before, but seeing the abundance of live music around town solidified it.

Love the band name, is there a story behind it?

Go Get Gone is a play on the slang term “get gone” from the 50s. It meant to ” get crazy”, usually referring to music , dancing, or just being “hip”.

What drew you into playing Rockabilly?

Mike and I both grew up listening to Rockabilly. Our parents exposed us to the music , as well as through film. Movies like Back to the Future, American Graffiti, The Outsiders. Each one of us in the band had families that had musicians and all of our parents were music lovers.

Do you have a favorite venue in St. Augustine you love to play at?

Every venue in town has a different vibe and crowd. We love every place that we play at!

Where can we find your music and merchandise?

All info on our merch, cds, and upcoming news and schedule can be found on our website : www.gogetgone.net

What can we expect to hear in the near future from the band?

We are releasing our album of all originals officially next week, and we are going on ¬†an East Coast/Midwest tour in October to support that album release. We are already planning a national and international tour! Booking info: [email protected]

Thanks to Angi Edginton for taking a few minutes to hang with us. Good luck on the tour!

go get gone
Mike, Angi, and Kate of “Go Get Gone”