10 Things That Happened While On Vacation In St Augustine


So if you have already visited St Augustine or if you are planning a trip in the near future, here are a few things most visitors experience. It’s okay, locals experience these same dilemmas as well sometimes. Hope you enjoy and maybe get a laugh out of it.

1. You almost got run over by locals getting that perfect photo of Magnolia Ave

It has happened to all of us, you want a photo of the “most beautiful street in america” for your Instagram page and just when your standing in the middle of the street lining it up, a horn blows behind you.

2. You decided to wear a dress on the day your touring the St. Augustine Lighthouse

So your about to walk up the 219 steps to the top of The St Augustine Lighthouse and oops, you realize the stairs are see-through and the family behind you is “admiring the view”. Maybe you should just check out the museum and gift shop this time.

3. You circled downtown at least 5 times in search of a parking spot

“Hey, look kids, The Castillo De San Marcos”…”Hey, there it goes again, and again, and again…”. Its okay, parking can be a little troublesome your first time here. Just remember to arrive early and be patient. Park in parking garage for $12 bucks a day if you can, its worth it.

4. You visited on the weekend and paid the meter to park, only to realize it says no payment required on weekends and holidays

Don’t feel bad, even the locals have made that mistake a few times. Be sure to read the meter before putting in money, all of them post the schedule.

5. You stood in a really long line for a slice of pizza on St. George Street

You probably read on TripAdvisor that ‘Pizza Time’ on St. George St. was ranked the #2 pizza place in the USA. Hearing that, how can you not try it out, right? Don’t worry, it’s worth the wait, we promise.

6. You left the hotel dressed for 68 degree weather, two hours later it was 80 degree weather

The weather changes quickly here in Florida, do yourself a favor and wear layers, LOL. Maybe take a look at that weather report and during summer months, expect that 2pm daily rain shower as well.

7. You still don’t know what a Minorcan is

Here is a quick history lesson kids…

Minorcans arrived in St Augustine in 1777. Eight ships were launched off the coast of Spain in 1768. The 1,403 passengers on board were bound for an indigo plantation in New Smyrna, south of St. Augustine. Though the Minorcans believed themselves to be contracted as indentured servants to Dr. Andrew Turnbull, the plantation’s owner, the realty was a situation bordering on enslavement.

For nine long years, the Minorcans were forced to endure suffering and hardship. The settlers who managed to survive eventually escaped from the plantation, and made their way to St. Augustine, where they came under the protection of Governor Patrick Tonyn. These settlers became the core of St. Augustine’s population, and many of their descendants still make their homes here.

8. You followed every travel guide and tourist blog, but still did not see everything there is to see

Its hard to pack everything into just a few days. Give yourself some extra time to experience all that St Augustine has to offer. Read other visitors reviews and plan accordingly for your family vacation. Knowing what attractions are kid friendly or which take a long time to walk through can help save valuable time.

9. It took longer planning where you were going to eat each day than it did to plan your entire trip

St Augustine is a Food Lover’s paradise. There are so many food choices you can go crazy trying to decide. Check out our “Foodie Guide To St Augustine” for some great options. But when in doubt, just wing it, LOL. Its hard to go wrong.

10. You had to check real estate and housing costs just in case you decided to never leave

Hey, don’t blame you there. Our city and county continue to grow each year. With the median price of a home being $160,000 and no state income tax, you can see why many make the move. Just remember how you got here, this is a tourist destination and that does not always sit well with residents. Careful what you wish for, haha.

Got more that we forgot about? Post in the comments below.

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